The Summit

24th - 26th April 2012

CIO Summit US April 2012

Summit Venue
Chateau Elan, Atlanta

The CIO Summit 2012 once again served as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.

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White Papers

Solutionz Conferencing: HD in Healthcare

With the constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care and the desire to provide new services, while at the same time controlling costs, healthcare providers are leveraging the power of video networks to link patients, specialists, and clinicians, thus extending the reach of healthcare. The use of telemedicine increases revenues for healthcare facilities by allowing hospitals to tap the expertise of individuals across the country or the globe. Patients get the care they need regardless of their location, and often faster and at a reduced cost. The purpose of this document is to discuss high definition video conferencing and how it can enhance the healthcare experience.

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