The Summit

24th - 26th April 2012

CIO Summit US April 2012

Summit Venue
Chateau Elan, Atlanta

The CIO Summit 2012 once again served as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.

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White Papers

Aberdeen Group: Hidden Financial Benefits of the Cloud

Over the past several years, Aberdeen has been monitoring the adoption of enterprise applications in the public cloud. Critical business applications, such as email, document management, and collaboration tools, traditionally installed as on-premise software are being replaced by solutions offered by service providers in an on-demand, pay-per-user model. The economics of cloud computing are particularly compelling in the contact center where organizations are enjoying a 32% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a result of cloud migration. However, many enterprises satisfied with the hard-dollar returns in the contact center, fail to measure and fully exploit the less obvious benefits and savings. A simple cost comparison is not nearly sufficient to understand the full value to the organization. This document identifies four categories of non-obvious benefits that come from migrating to and/or deploying cloud-based solutions into the contact center architecture.

Solutionz Conferencing: HD in Healthcare

With the constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care and the desire to provide new services, while at the same time controlling costs, healthcare providers are leveraging the power of video networks to link patients, specialists, and clinicians, thus extending the reach of healthcare. The use of telemedicine increases revenues for healthcare facilities by allowing hospitals to tap the expertise of individuals across the country or the globe. Patients get the care they need regardless of their location, and often faster and at a reduced cost. The purpose of this document is to discuss high definition video conferencing and how it can enhance the healthcare experience.

Animus Solutions: The ABCs of SAM (Software Asset Management)

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the transformational program that cuts across organizations, lines of business and external sources. As part of ITAM, software asset management (SAM) encompasses the infrastructure and processes necessary to effectively manage, control and track software assets through all stages of their lifecycle. SAM plays a significant part in this, with software accounting for an ever-increasing percentage of overall IT budgets. As a result, it is in the best interest in any organization – whether public or private, national or multinational – to have a robust SAM program in place.

Animus Solutions: Surviving a Software Audit

There are two things that enterprise leaders can be certain of today: taxes and an unwanted software audit in the near future. Unwanted, of course, but a software audit should no longer be unexpected. The number of software vendor audits has been increasing in the last 10 years now as a means of ensuring full compliance with licensing terms, and , of course, full payment for current software usage. Software is revenue-generating activity for many (though not all) software companies, and routine, periodic audits are the only way for them to ensure full payment for their intellectual property. At the moment, far too many enterprises are unaware of the deep impact a software audit can have – financially, time consumed, and productivity lost.

Animus Solutions: Change Management – A Critical Skill for Today’s Leaders

Every organization, of every size, goes through some form of change. In fact, it's unusual if an organization is not changing. But, organizations often don't understand that change management is not solely about process or technology. It's about people. The process is only another method of ensuring that people understand and adhere to the change. If you don't have "buy in" from people within the organization, change will not happen. Change needs to happen mentally as well as emotionally (at times) before it happens physically.

Animus Solutions: Policy & Procedural Regulations – The New Risk Management

The proliferation of new risk management regulations has made it increasingly difficult for banks, investment firms, insurance companies and other financial services merchant firms to effectively manage their policies, processes and procedures. This white paper addresses three primary ways of simplifying the process in order to optimize, control and enforce the necessary policies and procedures.

Empirix: The ROI of Testing and Monitoring – Using Empirix Enterprise Solutions to Yield Hard Cost Savings While Raising Customer Satisfaction

Your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty depend on the quality of their experience. When customers communicate with a business, they do so using a business’ communication network. Therefore, communication environments play a central, critical role in defining that all important quality of experience. When there are breakdowns in a business’ communication environment, there is an immediate effect on customers. Unfortunately, most of these issues do not get resolved quickly enough to avoid both the heavy burden of lost customers and the operational expense of scrambling to resolve these problems. This makes it more important than ever for a business to proactively address “customer experience” issues and risks inherent in these complex environments – a challenge that is made more difficult by the finger pointing that occurs when problems arise.

Empirix: Optimizing Call Center Key Performance Indicators to Optimize Customer Experience

Call centers play a huge role in determining a company’s quality of customer experience because the call center interacts with the organization’s most precious asset: its customers. Therefore, the primary goals of a call center are to achieve the company’s sales objectives by effectively meeting and anticipating customer requirements, as well as to improve customer satisfaction and retention in order to ensure business success. In order to diagnose problems that negatively impact call center technology KPIs, and hence customer experience, organizations must invest in an effective network testing solution. This paper highlights just a few of the ways in which such solutions have enabled global brands to enhance their quality of customer experience by materially improving their call center KPIs.

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Advantage of GoGrid’s Hosted Private Cloud

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a delivery model that enables organizations to outsource the purchase, setup, and most ongoing administration of core infrastructure. It is also the foundational layer of cloud computing. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions are built upon this infrastructure. Because the IaaS layer is so critical to the overall performance and success of a comprehensive cloud solution, it is important to fully understand the benefits and costs associated with the various private cloud delivery models. To that end, this paper will provide an introduction to the various options and demonstrate the total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage associated with hosted private clouds. A GoGrid Whitepaper

Syncing People, Paper and Processes with Document Management and Automated Workflow

Paper has been a part of everyday business for a long time. Purchase orders, invoices, contracts, and more are generated on a daily basis as a part of key business processes. These paper documents need to circulate to the right people and once the process is complete, must be stored for future reference. Paper documents are often difficult to locate and retrieve, making information sharing cumbersome. An iDatix Whitepaper

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